KungFuTrainingIf you are serious or just curious about Martial Arts, you have come to the right place. We are a real school that has never been in the commercial limelight but rather quietly producing real Martial Artists, one by one for 35 years. We offer a lifestyle, a warrior's life that will urge you to improve every aspect of yourself. We are always looking for people who have a desire and the guts to take on the journey to become true modern day Samurai. This is not a club or a franchise; we do not practice a sport or emulate what is shown on television. Sensei's mission is to create Samurai, real Martial Artists who have control over their lives and achieve great things. We are not one of those Chop-Shop commercial schools selling watered down bits and pieces of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). To really know it, inside and out; you need to know it, all of it in it's entirety, from beginning to end.

Over 40 Years of Dedication and Discipline

Sensei exhibits the ultimate discipline teaching for over 40 years without missing 1 class

SenseiFor the past 40 years this class has been taught by one man, Sensei Jerry. Without any interruption Sensei has held every scheduled class, no vacation days, no sick days, no excuses. Discipline is the foundation that Kung Fu is built upon and we witness the strongest foundation in the martial arts today with every class. Seeing is believing, come see for yourself.





You Won't Believe What This Man Has Done!

Dracul, our first Nidan in over 38 years, an achievement worth celebrating

Dracul_NidanAfter 25 years of training Dracul has earned the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt, a rank very few in our art attain. This man is a highly skilled Martial Artist, a successful attorney and enjoys a prosperous, healthy family. He has attributed his success and achievements in life largely to this martial art. Dracul is a true success story for this art and an inspiration to us all. As a demonstration of our pride and respect for Dracul a public celebration and play were produced in his honor in the spirit of the Chineese Opera.