MartialArtHistoryBefore there was an Internet, before Pay-Per-View cage matches and contrived Tournaments, and before the threat of lawsuits had everyone afraid to fight, the only way for a school to build it's reputation was in the streets. A tough and serious reputation is won when a school continually produces real fighters. That has been our reputation for the last 35 years. Our fighters are our trophies, not statues in the window accumulated from tournaments where contact to vital body parts is prohibited. There's no faking-it here,
either you can fight, or you can't and you've been in fights or you haven't. Connecting a school's Sensei to some Grand Master overseas doesn't mean that he has the gift of teaching, or that he is even a fighter at all. Our founder, Sensei Jerry is a gifted teacher and a real fighter, proven in his days in the labor unions. Wouldn't you rather learn from someone who can fight and actually has?
We can promise that everyone who is determined enough to "stick it out", will become a skilled, confident and superior fighter. We train for weapons assaults, multiple attackers, rape situations, guarding possessions, and riot situations... real scenarios of the street. Anyone can walk through our doors and everyone has, young & old: men, women, lawyers, doctors, police, athletes, college students, business owners, bikers, and even a few lunatics. Those who stay become samurai.

"Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence,
I would advise violence" -Mohandas Gandhi

Yes it can be violent...
That is also our reputation ask around. We probably have more ex-students than most other schools have students. The training is hard and long; it takes devotion, discipline, and dedication. You need the courage to walk in, the desire to stay, a tough hide to train with, and the guts to stick it out through the endless secrets Sensei will reveal and ancient techniques that you must master. You'll want to stay because of the others you'll see in the room, their skill, their cold calmness within and their calculated moves. It's obvious that if you can't beat what's in here, there is no point in taking it to the street just yet.
Were not about a trained student roughing up a new guy. It's between you & Sensei, he will be your master, he will cause you pain and gain. After 35 years, we've lost more than we care to count. They are out there with their excuses, lasting memories, or both. If you can last through the physical conditioning, the intensity, and put in the time, the results are outstanding. You can't buy a Black Belt or think that you've earned one in 3 short years. You can only train until you actually become samurai for real. When you meet one of our students out there, you'll know it.