JiuJitsuHuntThe truth is you can go to many different schools and learn just as many slick moves. Cool stuff but it has no real application. You cannot magically perform technical moves, precise strikes and pre-planned exit strategies under an intense scenario without having been trained to do so. Real confrontations don't have rules, out of bounds lines or time limits. Real encounters are dangerous & unpredictable with numerous variables that you'll need counter moves for. Hidden weapons, objects from your surroundings, the elements, and your opponent's skill level are all to be considered. A knife in the dark, a stairwell in the rain, an icy parking lot all require a precise defense calculation from your mind. Please understand that you wont recall any of your training while your mind is racing, let alone certain moves for certain scenarios unless you've trained in the wild. It always ends up looking like a street brawl with round, wild punches and no control.
We make sure you can do it in here and out there, where it really counts! We hunt you; 3-4 days of grueling physical and mental tasks to accomplish while others are attempting to delay and prevent your success. Better look over your shoulder and hope they don't get to your destination before you do. Just hope that they don't catch up to you out in the woods. "WHO WAS THAT FOLLOWING ME IN THE STORE?"
For more than 35 years Sensei Jerry has used his numerous contacts, associates and real-world expertise to create a 3-day adventure that will terrify and thrill you; it will expand your mind, and test your skills in a way that nothing else can.

Hunt 2016 - The HUNT IS ON!

07-15-16 - The Teams Are Set and The Contracts Signed, No Backing Out Now!

The plans for this summer's hunt have been set, the teams drawn up and the Hunters have all been hired. The only advice for our students is to practice and be prepared for the worst. It will be grueling and hot or maybe even rain every day. You will be challenged on every level and most likely driven to the brink of giving up. If you finish, whether you win or lose, you will come away from the hunt with a better understanding of yourself and with memories to last a lifetime... even if they are memories of being tied up and put in the trunk of a car. Good luck Huntees, stay vigilant and don't give up!

Hunt Update 2012 - Who Survived THE HUNT!

04-09-12 - 1 Baging, 1 Abduction, a Separated Sholder and a Sprained Ankle...

Not too bad for a 3-day hunt. The message was sent that the stakes were going to be high for this hunt when 3 assistant Blask Belt students were chosen to lead the teams. That point was made clear at the start of day 1 when Dragonfly did not show up to meet her team. Apparrently she was bagged by the Hunters as soon as she left her house.
Sensi hired serious professionals this time and they were targeting the high belts. Dragonfly was not the only one captured...

"They always come at night" is what everyone was telling themselves but by 3am on the first night they all thought the attacks were not going to happen. They were wrong. At 4:30am, while sound asleep, Sky Dragon was dragged from his tent, sleeping bag and all like a giant inchworm. He was dragged for about a quarter of a mile and stuck head first into a muck-filled pond and left to find his own way back to his team with a good lesson for all, NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. Needless to say nobody went back to sleep that night.

The danger on the hunt does not always come from being attacked, most serious injuries come from accidents and mishaps along the way. When training to live a life of action one must learn to avoid and overcome injuries. Deb H. is the perfect example of a fighter in training, she has the true heart of a warrior. If having a couple of teeth knocked out in last years hunt wasn't bad enough she managed to seperate her shoulder and sprain her ankle on this hunt and still finish the hunt. She has really been put to the test but when asked if she will go on next year's hunt she just smiles showing off the gap in her teeth and says "I wouldn't miss it for the world". That's the kind of character only the HUNT can build. In Jiu-Jitsu as in life!