Athena Makes Her Move.

10-18-18 - Athena Makes Her First Move Towards Black

Dracul or HannibalBefore a student can begin the training for Black Belt they must first meet the basic physical requirements.
All Shodan in our art must always be able to meet these requirements including: general calisthenics, rope climbing, hand strength and physical punishment (see pic below). Athena has taken and passed this test
and now has permission to continue training for Shodan.

Congratulations Athena, your dedication and
enthusiasm are inspirational; you can take a
good punch pretty well too!




Sky Dragon and Tempest, the first 24 hours on the road to Shodan.

5-26-18 - The Trials for 2 New Black Belts Begin

This week Sky Dragon and Tempest have completed the first trials for Shodan, the 24 hours of isolation. Sky Dragon ascended to the top of a 60 foot sailboat mast while Tempest chose the more claustrophobic version which was in the trunk of a small car, both for 24 hours without food, water or sleep. To become Shodan students must demonstrate the ability to overcome every possible weakness; fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, or even fear of isolation must all be overcome before becoming Shodan. One day may seem like a short amount of time but what if you're swinging from the top of a 60 foot mast or locked in a compact car trunk in the sweltering heat with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company? It can drive some people mad.

You're off to a great start Sky Dragon and Tempest but your adventure has only just begun!




Athena, Datura, and Sandstorm; Determination, Discipline, and a Family Legacy!

4-26-17 - 3 New Brown Belt III's!

Today it is very rare when someone exhibits the discipline and dedication it takes to become a true martial artist. Strength, speed, agility, even aggression are common traits many people consider to be the qualities of good fighters but these are rarely earned or developed through years of hard work and dedication. A true martial artist has discipline and is tempered like a piece of steel when making a sword, slowly working out imperfections and gradually getting stronger and sharper. These new Brown Belt III's are fine examples of true martial artists refined over years of consistent training, discipline and dedication. Two of them are actually 3rd generation students, that's family dedication! Way to go ladies keep up the hard work, the road ahead gets much more challenging!

The Next Wave Coming On Strong!

10-09-16 - A hard quarterly test is the best way for students to show their mettle!

A strong showing was displayed by all on this quarterly test. It was announced that the tests were going to be strict and tough and everyone came prepared. All of the students testing, ranging in age from 7 to 50 displayed the heart and dedication that this school was built upon and we were all proud to see it:
Yellow Tassels - Our youngest student in the mix with teens and adults, all earning their first bit of color with pride.
Orange Belt - A family man and a second generation high-schooler fighting their hearts out and bleeding side-by-side, a blood belt test to be proud of.
Green Belt - CL and the Bulldog showing us all that the speed-fighters of today are as fierce as they were in the good old days.
Brown Tassel - Your momentum never stops no matter how heavy your burden, you're truly an inspiration to us all.
Brown Belt III - We can all learn from your discipline and dedication, your moves and your fighting are the proof.
Black Tassel - Next stop Shodan, a whole new world awaits.

We've Created a Monster!

Dracul or Hannibal07-03-16 - Dracul? Or Should We Call Him Hannibal?

In Kung Fu we are taught to release the primal animal that is deep inside of us all. Many Kung Fu techniques come from the study of animals and of the human anatomy. Biting is one of the most vicious and effective fighting techniques one can learn but students can sometimes get a bit carried away with the concept. Dracul (shown here) had become so fond of the art of biting that we had to muzzle him for our safety.

Take it easy Dracul, we will need K9 bite suits if this doesn't work!

Dragonfly, Shodan... With a Smile

6-15-16 - Dragonfly Ascends to the Rank of ShodanDragonfly Shodan

Our second woman Shodan, Dragonfly has proven her abilities and toughness through every trial and test. She has endured the physical and mental challenges in a way never seen before, with a constant smile on her face. Shodan, now you really have a reason to smile congratulations Dragonfly, you're an inspiration to us all!

But let's see how long that smile lasts when the Shodan training begins.





Crane Takes the Mark and Continues a Legacy

5-20-16 - Brown Belt III CeremonyCheetah-Shodan Trials

Crane is a 3rd generation martial artist in this art and this accomplishment signifies a major milestone in her career and in her family's legacy. Taking this mark confirms her life-long dedication to the art and brings her another step closer to Shodan. Way to go Crane, we have watched you grow up in this art and you are a source of pride and inspiration for us all!





This Woman is as Tough as Nails!

2-06-16 - Last trial: bed of nails, 8" cinder block, sledgehammer... still smiling!

Dragonfly has completed the last of the trials
for Shodan. In this trial she laid on a bed of nails
and withstood having cinder blocks broken on her
stomach, legs and arms. The only rules for
this test are to survive and not to bleed, if 1 nail
punctures her skin she will fail. In typical
Dragonfly fashion she completed this trial
with a smile on her face, incredible!
Great job Dragonfly, Black belt is just a
final test away!









Two More Trials Complete, Dragonfly Still Smiling!

12-11-15 - Who can hold in a tree for an hour and crawl for a mile on her stomach and make it all look easy? Dragonfly, that's who!

Dragonfly has completed two more of the Shodan trials, effectively removing any doubt of her abilities or dedication. Actually the only doubt that remains is,
if we are making it too easy for her. Not likely, anyone who has attempted these feats of strength, stamina,
and will knows how difficult these challenges are...
but her smile still remains...
Way to go Dragonfly, Black Belt is in your sights!





The Latest Shodan Trials In Progress

11-07-15 - Dragonfly in a Barrel, Not as Easy
as it Looks!

Soon to be our second woman Black Belt, Dragonfly has begun the Shodan trials. This month-long series of ancient tests were devised to challenge a student's mind, body, spirit, and character in ways that are very difficult to prepare for. In this physically and mentally grueling test she was put into a barrel, where she stayed for 24
hours in total darkness without sleep, food or drink. To make matters worse, after 23 hours the barrel was filled with water, only leaving her a small air gap at the top to breathe from. She was subjected to these conditions for the last hour. Amazingly she endured this trial so well that she made it look too easy, she was actually smiling most of the time! Well done Dragonfly, you are certainly off to a strong start!



Congratulations to The Next Wave Moving Up!

03-15-15 - A Good Showing by All in The Recent Quarterly Test!

The passion and spirit of the art was shown to be alive in the hearts of all the students who participated in this recent test. Their hard work and dedication was plain to see:
Orange Belts - A testament to the good old days when a "Blood Belt" meant something.
Green Tassel - Delivered a flawless performance while recovering from injuries - no need to say more.
Blue Tassel - How you manage to maintain your level of proficiency is a feat beyond compare.
Brown Belt II - Your dedication is evident in your moves as well as that awesome fan demonstration.
Brown Belt III's - We have seen you grow up in this art and it's amazing to see the fighters you have become.
Black Tassel - Next stop Shodan, say no more.

Red Cheetah, Black Belt

10-26-14 - A True Testament to His Endurance Cheetah-Shodan Trials
and Perseverance!

After half a lifetime of training Red Cheetah has reached the most significant milestone of his career. Shodan, an achievement many have strove for but few have reached. After surviving the bed of nails, death-defying heights, crawling for a mile, and the rest of the Shodan trials his real training now begins. Congratulations Red Cheetah you're an inspiration to us all!




Red Cheetah to be the Next Shodan

09-25-13 - A 25-Year Veteran of the Art isCheetah-Shodan Trials
Making His Mark!

Entering into the trials for Shodan is a foreboding task for even the most gifted and conditioned Martial Artists and not something to be taken lightly. For a man almost 50 years old it can seem like taking on the impossible. Red Cheetah has faced the impossible and so far shown the benefits of his years of training. In addition to displaying his textbook Kung Fu techniques he has: crawled for a mile on his stomach with a cinder block on his back, clung to the trunk of a tree for 1 hour - 20 feet above the ground, and spent 24 hours at the top of a sailboat mast without food, water or sleep. He still has a few trials to go but based upon his superhuman display we are confident he will pass with flying colors; keep up the good work Red Cheetah, Shodan is right around the corner!

Announcing Our First Woman Shodan

Diamond12-13-12 - One Journey Has Ended, Another is
Just Beginning!

Congratulations to Shodan Diamond, our first female Black Belt. Her journey to Black Belt has required a transformation of mind and body very few are capable of, or even understand. She has matched all of the same physical requirements as every man who preceded her. She has overcome obstacles that have stopped every woman before her. She can now move forward with all of the honor and respect of Shodan, peace Shodan your journey continues.



Diamond, Proving Herself to be One of The Hardest

10-14-12 - Second to Last Trial, The Bed Of Nails!

Diamonds are among the hardest substances
known to man, and the latest testee who is
about to be this school's first woman Shodan
is certainly living up to her name.
Diamond so far has crawled a mile on
her stomach, in the street, in the rain;
she has hung in a tree for one hour with
no branches or ropes; and she sat in a
dangerous perch for 24 hours without food,
water, or sleep. On this night she has
topped them all with a death-defying display
laying on a bed of nails and having
cinder blocks broken on her chest and legs.
This woman is superhuman and we will all
be proud to see her tie on a black belt for
the first time. Way to go Diamond!




Diamond, Soon to be The First Woman Shodan

10-01-12 - Our First Female Black Belt Test is off to a Great Start!

The road to Shodan in this art is long and difficult, few people have the spirit or the tenacity to follow it to the end. For almost 40 years this school has had thousands of students from all walks of life but so far only a handful have made it to Shodan and all of them men. Diamond's display on her first stage of the Black Belt test clearly showed how deadly a woman fighter can be. Good luck Diamond, your trials have only just started!

Shinkou and Sky Dragon Begin the Shodan Training

08-25-12 - Completed the Pre-Black Belt Physical Requirements with Ease

To begin the training for Shodan, students must demonstrate the appropriate level of mental and physical conditioning. For two students as dedicated and disciplined as Shinkou and Sky Dragon, this physical test was just another day at the dojo. These two rising stars in the martial arts community made it look easy. They are living examples of the benefits of hard work and discipline. Keep up the good work gentlemen, your journey has just begun!

Who Survived THE HUNT!

04-09-12 - 1 Banging, 1 Abduction, a Separated Shoulder and a Sprained Ankle...

Not too bad for a 3-day hunt. The message was sent that the stakes were going to be high for this hunt when 3 assistant Black Belt students were chosen to lead the teams. That point was made clear at the start of day 1 when Dragonfly did not show up to meet her team. Apparently she was bagged by the Hunters as soon as she left her house.
Sensei hired serious professionals this time and they were targeting the high belts, Dragonfly was not the only one captured. Click Here for the Full Story

Ghost... The Latest Shodan

ShodanGhost11-11-11 - A long road and it's just the beginning

Many have tried, and few have gone this far... fewer still have continued. Ghost has just entered the realm of the Black Belts. After many years, lots of sweat and blood, and many trials he has earned the respect, honor, and the title of Shodan. Congratulations Ghost and welcome to hell!

Iron Mask Makes His Mark

9-29-11 - Proof that age is no obstacle

Our most talked about student, this day has taken the rank of Brown Belt III and the name Iron Mask. 8 years ago he was overweight, sickly, and on multiple medications; he was in his fifties and certainly nothing close to an athlete. Today the only thing that indicates this man's age is his white hair, he runs, jumps, rolls around and fights like a teenager and has a body like steel. His transformation and level of fitness are true testaments to the power of will, the resilience of the human body and the magic of Kung Fu. Congratulations Iron Mask you're an inspiration to us all!

Final Trials Before Shodan

08-17-11 - Ghost breaks a brick!

This past week to wrap up the final stages of his trials to earn the rank of Shodan, Ghost laid on a bed of nails and had cinder blocks broken on his chest, legs, and arms click here to see. As an extra display for the finale he broke a brick with his bare hand, old school style, click here to see way to go Ghost wear that new Black Belt with pride!

Dragonfly Shows Her Strength

Kung-Fu Band aid08-02-11 - Dragonfly makes the ropes look easy!

Before any student can begin training for Black Belt he/she needs to meet and sustain certain physical requirements. This test consists of a rope climbing course, tests of speed and strength and an old fashioned 3 minute beating. This week Dragonfly took the physical test and made it look easy. Although
she's a bit sore and a little black and blue, she proved beyond any doubt that she is ready to move on. Very few men are able to complete this challenge, a woman trained to this level is almost unheard of. Congratulations Dragonfly, you're an inspiration to everyone especially the women!

Two More Trials Before Shodan

07-17-11 - Ghost set to be next Black Belt

This past week Ghost just finished one more life-threatening trial towards his Black Belt. The month of the Shodan as it's called is the month long test for Black Belt 1; after many years of training and physical conditioning the student is subjected to several extreme mental and physical trials to prove himself worthy of the rank of Shodan. The next trial for Ghost is the bed of nails, good luck Ghost!

Fight Now... Stitches Later

Kung-Fu Band aid07-03-11 - Tinker keeps the fight going

This past Sunday Tinker received a good shot to the mouth requiring about 6 stitches. The noteworthy part being that he was able to continue fighting without spilling blood all over the floor, thanks to his improvised bandage (see pic). In Kung-Fu as in Life... never stop fighting. Nice job Tinker!

The Hunt is ON!

06-26-11 - Sign up Sheet Posted

We are in the process of planning this years hunt. Sign up now and start preparing. The places are set and the Hunters have been chosen and contracted. There are already some students on the list, get your's on before it's too late. There's still time to train, don't be caught out there unprepared. Remember once you sign up, you're in... no backing out even if the hunt has to come to you!

New Aiki Jiu-Jitsu / Kung-Fu Website!

06-05-11 - Officially Online

The official Aiki Jiu-Jitsu / Kung-Fu website is live! There's plenty of information, pictures and news updates, it's you're on-line resource for all of the latest Aiki Jiu-Jitsu / Kung-Fu information and upcoming events. Check back often for updated pictures, announcements, and video.

Big Test Today!

06-05-11 - 8:00pm-11:30pm Visitors Welcome

This Sunday is our quarterly test night. All students willing to advance will be tested on their rank requirements. There will be fighting displays, weaponry displays, Kung-Fu displays, examples of personal improvement, personal achievement, success stories, and much more. Good luck to all of those who are prepared, and Heaven help those who are not. Check in next week to hear about the results.

Congratulations to Shinkou and Sky Dragon

05-31-11 - Brown Belt III Ceremony

Tuesday evening marked a major milestone in the training of these two men. They have rededicated themselves to their training and their quest for Shodan. The training ahead is much more rigorous and demanding than before and much more is expected of them. Many students have reached this stage and quit soon after. This is a great honor and from this point on they will each be known respectively as Shinkou and Sky Dragon, Congratulations!